Just when I managed to shove that proverbial cork into the bottle and put my emotions back where they are quite apparently supposed to reside; deep inside, my world gets turned upside down. Some bad days and some good ones passed through my fingers, the world spun around a few times, some highs, some lows, a really bad haircut, a brush with anxiety, but I maintained, well, found some balance, and got my feet on the ground.

I  lost a friend, a damn fine one, a friend, one whom I felt privileged to call a friend. A guy who just didn’t fuck-up, coolest of the cool, but for all the right reasons  – Kenny probably never knew it, but I always looked up to him, he lived his life simply, righteously, and honestly, he was not a guy to put a quote about how to live on social media, he was the inspiration for those sorts of quotes.

I can think of a hundred times stopping to see him or vice-versa, and every time, I remember, more than anything, when we parted ways, be it after a few minutes or a few hours, always, without fail, feeling better – about everything. Kenny was the type of person that just did that, I’d imagine to everyone he came into contact with.

Kenny was not a saint, anymore than any of us are, but you always knew where you stood with him, that has become such a rare human trait – perhaps that is why this mourning is so overwhelmingly sorrowful for me, people like him just shouldn’t have to go.

I’m crushed, hurt., feeling selfish, I can’t even begin to imagine the loss some feel right now…thought of the coolest time with him, just chillin’ – both of our thoughts drifted other places after a chat about things in our lives, this song came on the radio, we sung together,horribly, wonderfully…

Dam Kenny, miss you man!


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