I’ve never been much of a “hat guy,” – I basically have always thought of hats as a utilitarian object; maybe a ball cap if I’m working outside, or a do-rag if I’m riding or working in the shop, in the winter I like a wool watchman’s cap to keep my head warm – all functional uses. But as a fashion accessory? Never. That changed recently.

A couple Fridays back some friends invited me to join them for dinner and a pub-crawl of some of the local breweries. I needed some time like that, so I happily accepted the invite . The restaurant we were starting at was a little on the upscale side, so after work I’d have to get a shower and change – glad the weekend had arrived, and looking forward to the night out, I was in great spirits as I got ready – had a cocktail and and a couple hits of sativa, cranked up some music and took my time, showered, shaved, pick out some clothes…

A quick check in the mirror before I headed out the door; damn, my hair had grown out on the sides to the point where is was rather unruly… simple enough to fix, a few passes with a number four guard on the clipper is a quick fix – I’ve done it a thousand times. I was nearly done when apparently I knocked to end of the clipper on the bathroom door; little did I know I had knocked the guard off! The next pass I took with the clipper I started at the back of my neck, up and over the top of my ear and forward past the side burn – yup – no guard – I shaved a bald stripe right to the skin – shiny close!

Fuck! -I sure was not going to shave the rest of my head, or match the error on the other side…the only rational solution was the cut my remaining hair as short as I could stand and wear a hat – functional use yet again. Problem was, a ball cap or a do rag was all I had to choose from – neither of which being appropriate for my attire. I needed a different hat.

I put on a ball cap and decided to stop at the mall and find a hat on the way – I decided on a antiqued leather boilerman cap – probably ten times what I had typically spent on haberdashery in the past, but desperate times dictated the purchase and wearing the thing slanted a little to the right hid the Britney stripe pretty completely.

It was pleasant surprise to get a couple compliments on the hat over the course of the evening, which put me more at ease with my selection. The following day, I put on my boilerman and went shopping for a couple more hats to get me through the re-growth phase.

Two weeks later and my hair has grown back to the point where the stripe is barely noticeable, but yesterday I found myself detouring to check out hats in the men’s department…the selection available in Eastern Tennessee is limited to say the least, but I did just recall this hat store in Blowing Rock – I feel a road trip coming this weekend…think I may have become a “hat guy!”


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