A very young me had moved to Florida the day I graduated High School. My first year in that state was awesome! I landed what was for me at the time dream job, I was hired at a place called Southeastern Replicas – we built replicas of antique automobiles.. It paid well, I loved the work, the perks were awesome.


Auburn Boat tail Speedster replicas. Circa 1981 – If I remember correctly, the cars pictured were built for Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City for promotional prizes

At the same time, I was driving race cars, and getting paid to do it. No bills to speak of, no commitments, no cares, life was easy. Took a long weekend to return to my hometown in Wisconsin – Upon my arrival, jumped in a car with some friends and drove to Chicago Fest – Cheap Trick was the headlining act that evening.

For the band from nearby Rockford, it was of homecoming of sorts as well. They were on top of the charts, on top of the world. I had seen them several times around the region, their success had polished their live performance dramatically.

Phenomenal show! They exploded onto the stage with confidence. They owned the venue – they worked hard to get to that moment and the show was a thank-you to fans for getting them there. I was so thrilled to find videos of that evening posted on You Tube!

Below is a portion of what was for me at the time, the highlight of the show. A performance that defines what Rock-N-Roll is. Enjoy





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