Creating the book was on occasion, laborious…which was fine – much of that labor came from the fact I was writing from the cuff, without notes…always had to arrange my thoughts before the pen hit the paper to (do my best to) have direction.

Not that it was “work” – I found a needed peace while producing it, getting things out that previously had no outlet. The “hard part” was when I was nearing completion… I just felt like I couldn’t find words; plenty in my head, yet no words.

So here it is, today, delivered. I had one of my favorite mellow Pandora stations on the stream, the following came on, his words introducing the song hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks…

As a writer, if you are depressed, you take all the depressing stuff, put it down…you have a place for it…If I’m happy, I’m not going to write that I’m happy.. I just want to go out and be happy


Such a basic, simple thought, one that had eluded me just the same. We were on a communicative high note at that point. I was content, happy, I wanted to BE happy, not write about it.



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