So last night, in a contemplative, yet casual mood, I was listening to Pandora, A cover of “Personal Jesus” performed by Tori Amos came on; I have heard it before and certainly the original was a favorite back in the day.  This song has been covered a lot, it is of particular interest to me because everyone seems to take an extra step on adding there own take to it.

Johnny Cash did a version that all too often Ive heard folks credit him with being the original writer. I suppose I can understand why many want to think that, but it is not accurate.

Other than Depeche Mode, the most commercial success came from Marilyn Manson cover, where again, a person interpretation took things from from the original .

One of the more interesting takes was Lisa Hannigan’s take, not only is it one of my favorite covers, it features the most rocking performance on a dulcimer ever recorded – (hang around for the end – she kills it!

Shaka Ponk covered it – one of my all time favorite versions in fact -Swedish metal – alternative with a deep groove and a sound all their own. English, not being their primary language makes for an interesting variant on the lyrics “pick up receiver, I make you believer”


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